Businesses in Sri Lanka

Tea estates in Sri Lanka are one of the most popular businesses for sale, with international investors also often looking for hotels for sale in Sri Lanka. Agriculture and tourism are two of the primary industries in the nation, so it is no surprise to see coconut estates, rubber estates, and guest houses also feature prominently in the list of major businesses for sale in Sri Lanka.

It is not only foreigners who are seeking a business for sale in Sri Lanka, with a large number of locals also keen to do business in Sri Lanka. Although the initial cost may be higher than starting a business from scratch, buying a business for sale has the advantage of immediate income and an existing customer base. This especially holds true for estates for sale in Sri Lanka, with the plants already grown to crop bearing age.

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Investments in Sri Lanka

Amidst the turmoil of the global financial crisis, investment in Sri Lanka has boomed due to its economic stability and plethora of untapped investment opportunities. The stable climatic conditions have created numerous profitable agricultural investments in Sri Lanka, while attractive incentives from the Board of Investment Sri Lanka have been responsible for a number of other strong industrial investments in areas such as energy, tourism and manufacturing.

While the Board of Investment oversees most foreign investment in Sri Lanka, foreign direct investment opportunites are also flourishing. There has never been a better time to invest in Sri Lanka, with increasing numbers of investment funds and investment companies in Sri Lanka catering to both the international and local markets.

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Startups and Expansions

With a favourable economic outlook and numerous government business incentives on offer, new businesses are sprouting from all corners of Sri Lanka. Existing businesses have also taken advantage of the financial boom, with an increasing number of expansion projects being undertaken. Overall, the rapid increase in business opportunities in Sri Lanka has been a boon for investors, as they can easily secure a profitable stake in these growing companies.

The best investment in Sri Lanka at present may well be a new business opportunity in a startup company. The increased potential returns associated with a startup business opportunity in Sri Lanka has attracted many project backers in the last few years, as has the safety and security of expansions undertaken by established businesses.

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