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The primary focus of Sri Lanka Business and Investment is as the name suggests: dealing with business and investment opportunities. For this reason we do not list bare lands for sale on our website, and the only land in Sri Lanka that we list is agricultural land as it is an income generating asset.

However, we understand that many of our clients are interested in land in Sri Lanka for sale. There may be instances where land sales are crucial to a particular investment, such as a new hotel proposal or industrial factory construction. To cater to our clients needs, we also run a Sri Lanka land finding service, where we can source the most appropriate lands for a venture and present them to the interested parties.

Hotel proprietors and factory owners are not the only parties interested in buying land in Sri Lanka. Agricultural startups are another type of venture that will certainly encompass a land sale, or at the very least a long term lease of the land. So whether you want to buy land in Sri Lanka suitable as coconut land, tea land, or even beach land for hotels, we can assist you in locating the perfect prime land in Sri Lanka.

If you are interested in our land finding service, and would prefer someone to do all the legwork in finding the perfect project land for sale in Sri Lanka, please get in touch through the Contact page.

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